Saturday, September 22, 2012

How to clean your earphones: Alright. My ear phones is something that I take good care of, and will definitely not take it out when it rains. The previous pair I had was ruined when I took it while running in the rain. Luckily I was able to get a replacement for it (almost free of cost). So, I happened to be listening to music when I got into my house yesterday, put the earphones in my pocket. I changed, had coffee, watched tv, contemplated going for a run, sat back, watched more tv and it finally hit me that I was hungry and there was nothing (that I wanted ) to eat. Ordered a pizza, and thought, hmmm, should make this day productive. Lets do laundry. There goes my earphones into the washer and then into the dryer. Long story short, my ear phones came out clean and sound perfectly fine. Unbelievable!

This weekend is one of the most packed weekends I have ever had in recent times. A lunch and dinner at a friend's place. Nice yummy tasty food (definitely better than what I cook and eat), I like! T20 world cup, so lots of cricket matches this weekend. More importantly Formula 1 in Singapore. Its going to be awesome! And a few hours of Tennis with some friends! Did I say this weekend is packed already?

I bought a bunch of kurta's the last time I visited India. It's time I took them out of the closet and used them. This weekend hopefully is when I shake the cobwebs off them and hopefully use them. They should fit me I hope.

Travelling abroad is awesome and its an amazing adventure, especially more so when you just made up your mind to do something that was in your 'to do' radar.. I had loads of fun doing that last year. Pretty sure I won't be go doing that this year though. I hope you are having fun if you are at it!

Starting off the weekend with this movie, it is my all time favorite. I have watched it a dozen times or more, and can still watch it a dozen times without getting bored ( only 24 times?, really? common I am just trying to be realistic here, I have watched only one other movie  a few dozen times!.)

I got a postcard from a far off country from a very good friend! And its one of the places from Top Gear. So it made it even more special! My refrigerator is now slowly filling up on the outside , more than the inside!

you are not going to leave my blog without listening to a song. So here it is! :)

Oh, I just realized that i am not that creative enough to add a post title for every(please stress on the 'ev' of every for the effect) post. Who does it, seriously?!?

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