Tuesday, December 28, 2010

drove through the blizzard last week. It was a nice drive. Lots and lots and lots of snow all over. Somehow, the snow brings peace and calm and also 'stops' time and cajoles you into a sense of security. allowing  you to reflect on a number of things. These are times when you wish you can just talk and talk and have someone close to you listen without being judgmental. But all you can do, is look out the  window, and see the endless blanket of white, stretching for miles. I miss some of my friends back home, I wish they were here, rather wish I was there.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I freeze at the wrong times. I just freeze and I cannot get a single word out of myself.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

+-When I got out of High school, I was undecided between getting into computers or taking medicine. To call my drawing skills pathetic was an understatement. I decided to take medicine I needed to be better at drawing, decided against it. I might have been a good candidate for being a doctor, but I will never ever know....


-Sometimes I think I am too shallow, sometimes I think I am overtly sensitive. Its not that I oscillate between the two extremes.
+I have made a few mistakes, but i do believe strongly that I will come through...
#when you are sad or happy, should you listen to songs that reflect your mood or listen to songs that might inspire you if you are down or if inspire you to go further and not rest there?

# Its Diwali sometime this week, but I have no idea when.

- Somtimes people think you are not required to be part of some decision, which is alright because one shares it with others as per their discretion.. But some other time they think otherwise for a similar set of issues. Is it still alright?

- I read the reports online, Bangalore is getting colder day by day this year. I am excited , though I am not physically there, wish there were more people who spoke to me about the weather from there!

- When you are depressed/lonely , even the faintest of the sounds appears very loud. I was walking into my office today, paused to look out towards the freeway(It is a fair distance away), the noise from the traffic seemed so loud. This noise, that I dont even pay attention on any other given day, seemed to be deafening. I guess its just the yearning for people(sound) and company when you feel down.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

lay it down slow!

My latest obsession was Prison break. I loved all the 4 seasons(though a lot of it was too good to be true.).
The song that plays through the final episode has really stuck with me. All the characters seem to come more alive,the sadness mixed with the happiness of the final episode, and this song playing, was simply brilliant. I loved this song and I hope you will love it too!

Spiritualized - Lay It Down Slow

Saturday, April 03, 2010

keep the door open!

Every Friday at my office its bagel+muffin+cake day. Lots of cream cheese, tomato spread and juices and so on. The first time I was introduced to this foodie morning, what caught my eye was not the food. :-)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I met a few friends at coffee place yesterday evening. Biting cold, but i still managed without any head gear. I was waiting in line to place my order and noticed that I could see a reflection of myself on a huge mirror. hmmm, i looked the same as i was a year back, but for two differences.
I have lost hair, and I am out growing my pants. :(
Immediately I took gym membership and started playing badminton.
went home and applied hair oil! :D