Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ah well, I have been procrastinating this post for a few days. But unfortunately I sound like rod stewart and missed work because of it.Anyways that leaves me with a lot of time for me for today!(Ah well, this was on Friday and I am still writing this post into the weekend!)

Ok, so we just had Halloween last week. I have never ever dressed up for this, neither have I gone partying. This year however, my CEO hosted a party at his house in DC. It was a chance to see how his house is(Who does not want to see the big man's house!) and also a good opportunity to interact with my colleagues while on the road( I stay 5 hours away from DC). Well after talking to everyone, it looked like I was the only one without a costume. I ended up going as Anonymous.

I missed a balloon festival a couple of weekends earlier. After some maniacal searching effort, found another  one a long 5 hour drive from here. Luckily I found three friends who joined me. I had an awesome time! The pictures are here if you want to take a look at it.

Some random thoughts. I was watching this video after a really long time. There were many copy cats of this exact copying of the experience dancing for an event, you know playing the song, dancing, surprising the others attending the event, making youtube headlines (you get the point right?). I was even part of a copy cat event for a birthday of a friend. Anyways, nothing beats an original idea (except clever marketing).

I never imagined  how it would be working alongside a rocket scientist or a person who defected from his home country. I met a defected rocket scientist from Russia who works with me. Its pretty cool coz he has all this stories about his life back there, and lots of things that I had never imagined. Lunch now is lively after a really long long time.

I was partnered with a lady who was deaf and dumb for a tennis event. It was a pretty good experience. Other than having to make eye contact while speaking, nothing was different (she was lip reader). It was a nice experience. Sports does bring all kinds of people together.

What else , hmm. Its Diwali the next week. Its been over 5 years since I have been at home for diwali. I frankly don't remember how much fun it is to burst fire crackers in the streets, or eat home cooked food (lots and lots of it). All  I end up doing now is a handshake wishing a few friends and an occasional dinner if I get invited to. I do really miss being back home. But I also dread going back. Its a very weird situation to be in.

Fate according to wiki refers to destiny. I really don't give a rat's ass about destiny (except of course they are names of some really, REALLY hot models!! lol!). With a life maximum life expectancy of say 60 years, fate doesn't seem to be that important (except if you are Einstein and you change the face of physics that is). That obviously means we should talk about the universe and physics! I want put you through it unless of course you are interested in it. I have a whole lot of information I would like to discuss. Astronomy, cosmology, stars, gravity, E=MC(squared), black  holes, worm holes,  ARE the stuff! Nothing else really matters, if you think about how small/insignificant we really are (( not insignificant if you are Eisenstein material, please keep up!) when compare to the Universe If you have Netflix, please watch this series. I have watched the whole series more than once, its fantastic! I have had interesting (At least I think so, lol!) conversation with many about the universe. If you want, I have  a few day's of conversation in me!

I have not gone on a solo travel which I am really pissed about. Not because I always have company, but because mostly I don't have company and I just sit at home in front of a TV. Next week hopefully I will head out for a trip for a whole day.  I don't have a spare wheel for my car, and that put me off. Now that I think of  it, it surely is a first world's problem!

Definitely should leave you with something to listen while read this blog. Just to make sure you spend at least as much time as the song takes to play! This is a song you have heard before , surely! I love U2, and been to two of their 360 concerts(not bragging one bit) and miss it now! I wish they were touring again soon around where I live. Not sure why this is the 'ear worm' for this post, it just is.