Sunday, September 28, 2008

raging waters..

"Dance when you are broken open,
Dance when you have torn the bandages off,
Dance in the middle of the fighting,
Dance in your blood,
Dance when you are 'prefectly' free. "
-R and a YOU and an EM and an I

he said
"What can I say….YOU are the best part about me!! :-) .. and without you..I will always feel incomplete…" ...
now what can i say..

Thursday, September 25, 2008


This is the most amazing music experience i have ever had(may be there were a few more which i might mention later). The whole Beatles collection, the official autobiography (which i am yet to read apart from seeing the pictures inside them a lot of times!), Bose earphones (which i am extremely proud of buying one after a couple of years of debating its price!) and my ever so faithful ipod with the entire Beatles collection! ok i know i am 'Bose'ting, but seriously, music like this, i have seldom experienced!

Friday, September 12, 2008


its weird when you see things change around you so quickly, well for one you never seem to be ready for it. one thing i got to learn in the past few days is simply that things and people change, when time had carried you 'away'. one of life's saddest times is when you look around and see that there is no one actually with you. there are people who want to be with you, but no one seems to come forward. i look around, there are new things, new relationships, new people, subtle changes that I failed to notice all these days. i know this guy, who seemed to be on top of things. but now he has been stopped on the tracks, praying there is nothing coming at him. I found this nice quote (actually a line from a song). I don't want to quote it exactly, but this is the gist of what it says. It says that there are sometimes when we have lost something, we do not bother about where we are or what we are doing, we just keep thinking about what we lost. But the truth is thinking about what we lost, will just put us in a position where we would lose other things that we still have. We just need to choose between what we lost and what we stand to lose!