Friday, November 18, 2011

Well, finally I have moved to stay on my own. It took some time coming. I would have moved a few months back under different circumstances, and definitely not alone. But atleast something worked this year.
I have not been here long enough to say whether this is a good or bad decision. But, well it cant get any worse!
The last couple of weeks is roughly the busiest I have been in the last few years. Moving, helping my previous roommate shop for his wedding, and obviously working. I have hardly been at home to unpack.
I always thought I did not accumulate a lot of stuff. But I did have a lot of baggage that traveled with me here to my new place.
Its been exactly one year since my last trip back home. Things were very different then. It would have sucked to stay here. I am glad a few friends are sort of keeping me in their plans. Staying alone and not having anyone to meet other than people you meet at the work place is very unhealthy. Sometimes that's how it is I guess.