Saturday, September 22, 2012

How to clean your earphones: Alright. My ear phones is something that I take good care of, and will definitely not take it out when it rains. The previous pair I had was ruined when I took it while running in the rain. Luckily I was able to get a replacement for it (almost free of cost). So, I happened to be listening to music when I got into my house yesterday, put the earphones in my pocket. I changed, had coffee, watched tv, contemplated going for a run, sat back, watched more tv and it finally hit me that I was hungry and there was nothing (that I wanted ) to eat. Ordered a pizza, and thought, hmmm, should make this day productive. Lets do laundry. There goes my earphones into the washer and then into the dryer. Long story short, my ear phones came out clean and sound perfectly fine. Unbelievable!

This weekend is one of the most packed weekends I have ever had in recent times. A lunch and dinner at a friend's place. Nice yummy tasty food (definitely better than what I cook and eat), I like! T20 world cup, so lots of cricket matches this weekend. More importantly Formula 1 in Singapore. Its going to be awesome! And a few hours of Tennis with some friends! Did I say this weekend is packed already?

I bought a bunch of kurta's the last time I visited India. It's time I took them out of the closet and used them. This weekend hopefully is when I shake the cobwebs off them and hopefully use them. They should fit me I hope.

Travelling abroad is awesome and its an amazing adventure, especially more so when you just made up your mind to do something that was in your 'to do' radar.. I had loads of fun doing that last year. Pretty sure I won't be go doing that this year though. I hope you are having fun if you are at it!

Starting off the weekend with this movie, it is my all time favorite. I have watched it a dozen times or more, and can still watch it a dozen times without getting bored ( only 24 times?, really? common I am just trying to be realistic here, I have watched only one other movie  a few dozen times!.)

I got a postcard from a far off country from a very good friend! And its one of the places from Top Gear. So it made it even more special! My refrigerator is now slowly filling up on the outside , more than the inside!

you are not going to leave my blog without listening to a song. So here it is! :)

Oh, I just realized that i am not that creative enough to add a post title for every(please stress on the 'ev' of every for the effect) post. Who does it, seriously?!?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

random coming back to life post kinda

Perception. How it changes. Just a teeny weeny bit of information, changes the way you think about a person or a situation. I missed a lot of this information I guess, that's why growing up is fun!
Taking it with a pinch of salt, I am used to it as well. Growing up is not as fun any more.
Its been a long time since I saw a good Indian movie. More so because I have not given any movies a chance. I finally watched this Movie. Its a movie I dreaded watching for some reasons that wont be discussed here. Actually I can, but it will put you to sleep, now we don't want that do we? I still have lots of stuff below that will put you to sleep in any case :P. I did watch it today though and loved it.  Some of my friends had to listen to this song on a loop for over 15 times when I was drunk (And they did listen to it every time I played it during the crazy loop cycle :)) Those were fun times! Oh btw, if you drink beer, miller lite is the worst beer. The best one is Blue moon , just fyi
Its been a long time since I posted anything here. I did visit and write a few posts but haven't published any of them. Must be my poor grammar , but who cares!
Whats new? 'Nothing much, just the usual stuff' (That's the software engineer in me). Well I would like to say a lot has been happening, but the fact is there is not much happening.
I am the fittest I have ever been, never have drunk as many as beers in one sitting (Though most of it alone but trust me its not  that sad), treasured all the old times like never before which I did not care about much at that time ( the all knowing knowledge which comes with grey hairs I guess).
Its been a couple of years since I last visited home,. I am keen to go and visit my folks, but also nervous at the same time. Why, I am pretty sure why but you guessed it, it won't be explained here :P
I started playing tennis and I love it. Its as if I was born to play it ( though I lose every game I play :D).
What else, hmmmm,. I understand photography better than ever before, I am learning about new techniques and also things that I had never used before. I thought I had learned all I could from my current camera and was ready for an upgrade. Just a lazy Sunday proved me otherwise(I went through all the buttons and the manual). I still have a long way to go before I can upgrade to something better. Oh, I just learned how to use the poor man's macro lens without needing to invest in an expensive macro lens. I am excited to go try it out!
I love living alone. The last year has been great in instilling in me the responsibilities of managing the house on my own (I live by myself). I got a few indoor plants to 'spice' up my apartment. Its pretty cool to get dirty with mud , been a while I did some form of gardening (the last time I did something was at my house when I was in high school, we moved since and did not have a good amount of space to do any meaningful gardening)
I kind of hate it when people use '...' at the end of a sentance.
I got rid of all my music on my phone, and slowly started getting some new stuff.
I also learnt that distance is not a big factor in any relationship, no matter what the relationship is. Trust is.
That's it from me, thanks for reading! Here's a little sing to get you going!