Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wow! the week goes by so quickly that I have no time for a breather(or a post) Well, that is so cliche and not entirely not true. I have so much time for myself that without music, I would probably just kill myself.

I am getting better and better at playing tennis. I still get my ass whooped every time I play but its a good to be outside especially with the weather getting really nice. I went all out a couple of weekends back and played almost 8 straight hours of tennis. Wow! It was awesome, except that I could not move out of my bed for the next couple of days.

I went to an awesome awesome tribute to the Beatles. All the songs of 'Abbey road'. They ended with a bunch of all time hits of the Beatles. Hey Jude was the last song sung and it got the crowd going(albeit at the end of the show, before that the audience were more 'civilized', say Wimbledon like, claps, claps and more claps!) I went down with Nrn, who has never listened to the Beatles on his own. He was a good sport to have sat through the entire show, thanks to him!

I have been having brain farts at work the last week. Somehow feel detached to everything. The feeling , you know, is like you have a lot going, but you actually feel nothing is going on.

Travel this year has been bleak. I have not been on vacation since a week off late last year and previous to that, it was in 2010 that I had a vacation, sort of. It was a pretty eventful month.

I have been in a terrible mood since last night. I had meticulously planned something, and it just did not work/ I have no idea why its bothering me as much, or may be because I am just having my brain think through a lot of things in a short amount of time. I would definitely like to don some boxing gloves and go at it for a loooong time.

blah blah blah, i am too tired to write more. Its been a really long couple of days packed with a lot of stress, anger and disappointment.

Anyways, with respect to music, I have begun to listen more and more of snow patrol. Its like they were always there in my iPod player, but never gave them too much time. The song below is one of the best i think from them. I guess the only 'flaw' with them is that they begin to sound the same after you hear a few of their songs. You know, similar to Coldplay. But they are definitely worth much more than a ear!

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Interesting weekend. Most of it was spent at home because it was raining outside. But Sunday evening was an awesome lake day. For people who do not know what that means, a Lake Day is a very windy day, cloudy with, grey skies and absolutely no rain. Lake day was a term coined by a bunch of us back in India. During our college days,  we would ride our motor bikes to Bellandur lake, and spend time talking about so many unusual and varied topics. Of course lunch on our way back was at a Dhaba. Anyways I digress.

Back to this weekend, most of it was spent at home because of rain. I did end up going to a greenhouse(es) which specialized in growing orchids. There were a total of 7, but I could make it only to 4 out of them which took close to 5 hours by itself! I got to test out my poor man's macro lens. It worked beautifully. The only thing that was a let down was my eyes, I just could not see sharp enough every time  to set the focus manually. I still managed a few good ones, a few of them I have uploaded here.

Saturday was day of the Harvest moon.  Unfortunately I could not go out and get any pics. Clouds, Clouds and more Clouds. I did make a cup of Masala Chai (been a while since I made one at home). I started reading a book that has been with me at least for over 4 years. As I write this, I realize that I actually do not remember the name of the book. Happens to me quite a lot I believe, I remembered I was in line for watching Inception and had no clue what the name of the movie was! It took me a few days later to know the name without having to search for it! Its funny that you can remember about times when and why you were forgetful.

I am making more headway into Hindi music. It's like, there were all these awesome songs and I had no idea that they even existed! Well, its never too late. I'll go back.

As always( always? :0 ) , here's a song that goes perfectly with a lake day and a cup of hot homemade Chai (and obviously this post too)! A cover version is part of the soundtrack of this movie(The cover version is by Franco Battiato, which I thought was even better than the original) I loved the movie in spite of it being pretty slow and may be even depressing. But the story was very simple with a message that even in extreme case of hopelessness, there is a way forward!