Sunday, November 16, 2008

i want

"dear god,
i want a job,
i dont want to lose good friends,
i want to add to my list of really good friends,
i want to go to a concert where U2, GnR and aerosmith play in the same night,
i want to feel the happiness of being in love, hmmm.. "I am in love with the idea of being in love"
i want to learn to let go of everything and not hold onto to anything,
i want to watch a live formula one race,
i want to learn to play guitar,
i want to just take off every now and then to some really peaceful place,
i want the patience of a sage,
i want i want i want...........

when i sit down to write things that i want or things people want, i can think million more things than the list above.

Do i feel incomplete? may be. do i feel completely confident of things? may be not.
but the place i stand right now, is it the worst place ever? may be not.

i just feel absolutely selfish to ask so many things. i sometimes feel that being a "creature of circumstance" is something i have become."

hmmmm, that was nice reading my friend. there are people with nothing but just a peice of cloth to wrap themselves up, a street ligtt pole as a backrest, its light their only light, no roof to shelter them from the cold biting life.

(i wanted to put a pic, but seeing how some people suffer, i just don't have the heart to put a pic of a kid who is already half dead due to hunger and poverty. Frankly that would just make me think even more less of myself.)

sometimes i hate God for making people's lives so unequal.