Friday, September 04, 2009

begining of fall.

it just happens to be a couple of weeks back, i was so much complaining about the heat and the humidity here. I got more irritating when i told my colleagues here that back in bangalore(I hate calling it bengaluru, i think the name just does not suit the cool(temprature wise and 'coolness' wise too!)ness of the city), it was way much cooler than this.
anyways...its been hot and humid every day here for the last 3 months reaching temperatures above 40 C that is really hot for me..i have never been in such 'extreme' conditions before for a long streeeeeeetch of time.
now the last 2-3 days, temperatures have dropped by a a massive 10C (I like numbers and i am fascinated by them). Driving down with the windows open is just massively refreshing. Cool wind to the face, music in the ears, (and lots of tyre squeal and need to get it checked :( ). This is how San Franscisco is almost through the year, cool/chilly breeze accompanied by days where the sun shone so brightly that you could have swore you saw a beach full of bikini clad women. but things are not what they appear.
The chilly pleasant weather just signals the start of the fall season. I will enjoy the weather, I will enjoy the bright colors that fall brings with it, I will enjoy wearing more layers of clothes to keep the winter from getting me,and also I am looking forward to certain things, and hoping that those certain things will fall back into place! (crossed fingers :) )