Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Socially awkward penguin really cracks me up (It might have to do that I relate to a lot of things on it, and its nice to see others in the same pond).

Oh and this is the earworm for the day for me!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

-A few years ago a friend of mine had bought a new camera. He wanted to return it because it had too much 'noise' for pictures taken at higher ISO's. I thought at that time, the clicking noise was too much. Ah, I am so embarrassed when I think of it now.

 During my undergrad, we sang Shaggy's 'Angel' at class. I remember, one of my friend 'loki' used to wonder why was the word 'shorty' was used in the song.We thought it was so funny, that we laughed hysterically.

The first time I tried calling a mobile number outside karnataka, I did not know how to dial it. I thought adding a '0' before the number was for one specific state and it was different for different states. I had actually sent out an sms to a few friends to find out what to do, and I still remember 'Furi' sent me that same sms years later 'lol'ing it.

 I used to think the words 'Little Darling' in the song 'here comes the sun' by Beatles was actually 'dilly dolling'.

I once mistook the mustang running horse emblem to be the prancing horse of Ferrari, that pretty rookie.

 It feels like several decades have passed between then and now...