Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Round the corner, as they say. Things can change in an instant, just a moment. from good to bad, bad to good. But something missing is the change from bad to worse.
Dim light contrasting the fully decorated environment. Reminiscent of the past glory. It was a mystery as to why it was still here. Did anyone notice it? No. Is there anyone who cared? You must be kiddin! No. Living in the past appears so fruitful. Yet so deceiving. With the biting wind. So many people outside yet no one. An occasional smile. Billy Joel sings along "Yes, they're sharing a drink they call loneliness, But it's better than drinking alone ".
You wait for the corner. the ever so evasive corner. Its not all that bad. It’s only gonna get worse. Day after day. You just sit there, and wait, and wait for the corner. You have gone past so many times. You know it's not there. But you still wait for it. Same things you see. You wonder, are you being watched? You only hope there is someone else traveling in the same path as you are. The path that does not lead anywhere. sense of roundness to it. Remind of the past so very often. Nothing has changed. But very small details that are like sugar to a cup of coffee.
It just takes a moment. To go round the corner. Maybe next time.