Friday, April 27, 2007


The alarm goes off. Yet another day. The room is so dark. ah..this is the daily routine...A flies so gracefully in the sky. A group of birds. a perfect orchestra. They can change
direction when they wish. But they fly anywhere that they want never sticking to a definitive
path. Never holding on to any direction. All's well they say. As long as they get food and they
reach their destination. I always wonder. Why cant we do this. Why are we afraid of the Change.
Why are we still holding our line even though it seems utterly hopeless. Why are we not as free in mind as the birds. "free as the birds"!
I keep thinking, speaking to myself, practice the lines. Over and over again. But the day never
comes. it keeps evading me! I really dont wanna think. The more you think theIts just one bumpy
ride after another.. But we all reach where we wanna go.. but it really not the lovely journey you have been
imagining..'Perseverance is the key my friend!' .. haha...thats too funny...
Looking out of a window at anytime...a vendor on the street smiles.. the small girl teasing her
dog is all smiles..the mother who is trying to tame her ever so vibrant between all the
irritation on her face..she smiles...the kid smiles...the frown is turing into a smile...but its
like a mask..a shroud on a tearful person...
Time to go.. this may not be there tommorrow... I may not be here to see it.. 'Life's short..enjoy
it' ..haha..ur getting funnier by the moment.. i should appreciate ur humour..its almost like u
can predict whats gonna happen...argg..this alarm does not give up.. ah, i remember, Its called
Perseverance..always keeps reminding me..time's up dude!.. u better be prepared..i wish i can shut of all the things.. Wanna get into This helium balloon.. and fly away...I just need some colours to paint my world..all kinds of its too expensive..can i afford it?
I cant feel my feet..But as i look behind me..I have left my foot prints in the sand..its still there... 'Yeah..I was there'. . 'U can definetely go ahead and do better'... i swear u should be a script write of a comedy movie.. haha...ur too funny... i envy u..

I can see it. I can hear it. The storm is getting closer. I am sure of this. am I prepared?