Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the forbidden 'garden'

'hey, where are you going? that place is restricted'
'hey you, stop , the camera's will get you and the hounds will catch up with you soon'

'which hounds? don't tell me they are the same one's as last time around'

' Yes, the hounds that will chase you down are passé and rechazo. they are the master's favorite hounds and they will be sent to hunt you down.'

'damn they seem to be the only one's that are sent to hunt me down'

'why do you even want to go to this place? Trust me, if get caught, the hounds will make you pay with your flesh and blood. It will not be pleasant sight'

'I just want to try harder than the previous time so that I do escape
passé and rechazo. I know I can outrun them and give your Master something to think about. As for the bloodshed, I really don't want physical wounds to keep me down, and they won;t keep me down.'

'Why are you angry with the Master. Is he not your Master as well?'

'yes he is'

'Then why?'

'I saw two people sleeping in my room, both were covered head to toe. i caught one of them to find out who it is. it was someone i recognized, pale, weak, but with with a set of eyes, very bright and very menacing. he pulled me close to the light to take a look at my face. the flipside was i saw this face. I freeze everytime i think of the face; white, pale, lifeless, scary and so on....'

'how is any of this related to my question?'

'yes they are related. only your Master could have sent him there. I could have been let off by not getting to see him. let off? no why should i talk about let off, i dint do anything wrong. you see where i am getting at? you say your Master is all powerful, and this is what I had to go through. I just don't want this to be a start, i don't want this to be an end, i just want to pretend i never saw him.'

'I am sorry about that, my Master would have a reason for it. I am sure about it'

'I hope there is a reason too, I respect your Master as much as you do, but I need some answers, and I am going to find it one way or the other. And that is precisely why I am going in again. as for your hounds, I WILL bring them to their knees, maybe this time, or next time. It will happen for sure. When i learn what i want to learn, there will be this sense of everlasting peace, which will be my ambrosia. you can tell the Master of what i said, I am sure he is hearing it right now. but i d'ont want to sit down waiting for everything in my life to pass by.'

'I wont stop you, I just hope you make peace with my Master, and the hounds and most importantly with yourself. Take care, I will atleast see to it that the hounds are released after sometime to give you a head start. I owe you atleast this much. good luck my friend.'

'thanks! '

and like that he was gone( into the garden that was unfortunately forbidden..... only for him)

Friday, June 19, 2009


rollercoaster was talking to me about her 4th anniversary after she joined her first job. she listed life and friends and fights and so on on on on ... I was wondering.. what can i say about any kind of anniversary that is important...hmmm
oh ya...had been to aerosmith concert a couple of years back. and guess what, to celebrate this I am going another aerosmith concert here! in a week's time, vkarthi, dd, pindu and me will be going to the concert.... errr its not a front row seat(or just standing) like last time, its a lawn ticket , far off from the stage... but the music will be real and I hope it gets dark by the time the music starts, would be nice to see a starry summer sky! With DD around, beer is not too far off..so beer and burger(?) and chips and what ever else... the biggest difference from the last aerosmith concert, is simply that when i went last time, i knew a few songs of aerosmith and thought they were really good. but this around, having heard quite a lot of them over the last year or so, I KNOW they are brilliant and i am sure to sing out loud atleast most of them if not all of them!
aerosmith, here i comeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.


EDIT: The concert has been postponed to sometime later. That sucks.