Monday, May 28, 2007

the Bonnie 'D'

Serious Disclaimer: This post has no reference to Boney M, nor the 'D' company nor
Bonnie Irani( where did he come from!?).

The usual beginning to the day. The alarm rang. You put it to snooze. Then it rings again. You snooze it again. hope that time suddenly stops but you are not slowed by time. You can sleep for ages that way! Struggling to open my eyes I chant the daily mantra, fold my bed, put my phone for charge and run to the bathroom!

Sometimes i feel i can sleep for ever if there is no water in this world to wash my face!..Just a few moments ago i was cribbing so i am all set to go to the next step. Catch the bus to work ( works brings a :-( to my face, but still i am eager to go for reasons other than work :D). Walking down, was confident to get onto the earlier bus. reached the stop and was eagerly(?) waiting for the bus. 5 mins..No signs of any bus..10 mins still no signs of any bus...15 mins...patience ran out..Called my friend to confirm that the bus dint come (or we missed the bus...does not matter which was gone)..
Now the second part… was too lazy to walk down to another bus stop (2 KM away ) and catch a city bus to another place to catch the company bus. Now you see exactly why i was lazy. Its freakin too much work! looked for an auto and after haggling with a couple of guys finally got an auto to go where i wanted to go. i was relieved. Finally on the way to office. Reached the 'spot', the meter was exactly 32 bucks, got off and gave him a 100 ruppee.. .’Saaaar, no change saar'. Hmmm give him a 50 rupee note.... 'Saaar i have only 10 rupees’ saar, neeve Bonnie mardthaidhira (you are my first passenger for today and Bonnie means you are the first one to pay today) change'! . Arrey so what the..what the ...freakin what shd i middle of nowhere where would i get change. No time. Took the 10 ruppee coin(s) from him. walked down to the other side of this 300 feet wide road (i am sure its this wide). 5 mins no bus...10 mins no bus...argggggg …patience running out soon. Finally the company i love to see the sight of this bus! ( I am sarcastic). Got into the bus after 'flashing' my ID-COD (when the driver asked where is ur ID-COD ..hahah... :D ) .. he gave me the book and a pen to make an entry as to what time he came to the stop. This was done normally by the first person who got into the bus. and then i realized i was the first ONE....ah! I made Bonnie again..though he dint say the word..

It was a suprise that i found my friend getting into the bus in the next stop... Was chatting along the way till we reached a 'Jam'. It was unlikely at this time but I decided to ignore it and take a much needed nap..15 mins...opened my eyes...errr...'Are we at the same place mate?' ...'yes we are'...shit...what a day! ... the reason the bus dint move an inch...there was this huge mob of people blocking the road just flags...loud noises...there were 3 cops in all. And over 300 people for sure!
waited ...waited...patience ran out. at the wrong was 8 already...and the last bus from this place going in the opposite direction must have just left...damn...wat quick thinking ..duh!

somehow sensed the crowd getting a little restless...heard 2-3 'Bangs' on the sides of the bus..realized before we are burnt inside the bus...lets run.. my friend and I got off the bus and to the other side of the mob hoping to catch an auto taking a U turn....found one but it was already occupied...the driver requested the 'occupant' to allow the 2 poor souls inside the auto...he agreed and we happily got i have to mention that this is the first time i got into a running auto!! seriously this guy took off before i got one leg inside...somehow got in...survived yet another scare.. this guy...the auto driver dropped us off midway saying he is gonna take another route off...and asked him how much...guess what he said... 'saaaar neeve Bonnie saaar'!!! freakin …am I the Bonnie man for this day or what!!! paid him the correct change as he dint have any this was his Bonnie...argg..who invented this word....This has to be the Bonnie Day!!!

Took another auto from there to another place where i would be getting a company to the stop and waited patiently for the bus..5 mins, no Bus...10 Mins, No bus... 15 Mins, No bus...patience running out slowly...
Finally a bus emerges.. Some how i have this feeling that this is the same bus that was supposed to be burnt down...When I got down, there were only 5 poeple in this bus...But now the entire Bus is packed and i have no place to sit..Dint get into the bus..waited 'patiently' for the next bus...cursed all the bad people i know..for this horrendous journey...

Finally after another 15 mins got a bus to office...un fortunately sat on the wrong side of the bus...sun shining directly onto your face! burnt...baked...reached office like a roasted chicken :(...
imagine my plight....2 buses... 3 auto's...lots of walking involved...running involved(in the auto remember?)... and more importantly all the BONNIE's...
left home at 6:40...reached office at 9:40...a 3 hour sightseeing trip...(the actual travel time is 1 hour!!)
the up 5-10 mins from the next day... but as i am writing this...i realize i missed my bus today too!! but the trip was not all this bad!! :)