Friday, October 28, 2011

- I have traveled alone more often this year than the last few years. Today is my second long lonely drive this summer. I can't call it lonely though, solitude with a lot of music is the right 'word' for it.  I can't call it summer though, its already pretty chilly and the temperature has dropped considerable in just one night. Maybe a bad pick for the drive up to the mountains, but I can't wait any longer, this weekend will probably be the last weekend before all the colors go away.
- A visit to the dentist and some stern words is what took me to brushing my teeth twice a day ( and to start floss). I have never flossed before, so its a pretty weird experience. Its not advisable to do it in front of the mirror though, my hands lose all co-ordination. The electric toothbrush is a nice touch after the dentist's visit.
- For the first time in my life, I actually noticed migratory birds flying south (Maybe I did notice it earlier, but I am making a big deal out of it now, coz it was amazing!). Yeah, I had my compass out and it all made sense to me, finally.
- I do regret a lot of things that happened this year, I wish they had turned out in a different way. I made a  huge mistake.